Like most of us in this hobby, I've been fascinated by wildlife since childhood and that interest continues today.  Reptiles, and especially snakes, were always particularly interesting.  So the Herp hobby is a perfect fit for me.

I purchased my first Ball python in 1995 and have kept Reptiles continuously since then.  But in 2004 when I retired from the U.S. Army, I began in earnest to build the collection I have today.  I mostly work with Ball Pythons. Because of their moderate size, ease of breeding, and wide variety of color/pattern morphs, I consider them to be one of the best animals for captivity.  I also keep a few Western Hognose, Black Milk snakes, and Nicaraguan Boas.  In the past I've also worked with a variety of Milk snakes, Corn snakes, California King snakes, Carpet Pythons, Hog Island Boas, and Brazilian Rainbow Boas.

Aside from keeping reptiles, I am an avid outdoors person.  I enjoy Hiking, Kayaking, and especially Wildlife Photography.  Feel free to visit my photography site at

Dave McGowen

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