Quality - I guarantee my animals will arrive healthy and properly sexed.  As a small breeder, my collection receives my close daily attention and care.  My reputation within the hobby is important to me and I strive to keep it that way, I will not sell an animal that I wouldn't want in my own collection.


Shipping - I ship priority overnight through either FEDEX or "Ship Your Reptiles" (also FEDEX).  Monday - Wednesday shipping is available for next day delivery using insulated boxes and heat/cold packs as needed.  Shipping cost is a flat $50.  I guarantee live arrival and health as long as the recipient is home and accepts the package on the first delivery attempt.  Shipping to your place of work or having the package held at your local FEDEX are also options.  I do reserve the right to reschedule shipping if the temperatures are too extreme. 


Questions - I am fully available to both customers and non-customers alike, I have actively kept and bred Reptiles since 1995 and have learned a lot along the way.  If you have questions about husbandry, genetics, etc., I'd be happy to assist.


Payment - I accept Paypal at texomareptiles@yahoo.com or credit/debit cards by phone.  I also accept Money Orders.


Payment plans - 60 day payment plans available with a 25% nonrefundable deposit.  The balance and shipping cost can be paid any way you like over the 60 day period. 


Contact - Dave McGowen

                Lawton, OK



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